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How Finishing Your Degree Can Impact Your Future

Do you have college credits or an associate degree that you would like to grow into a bachelor's degree in your field? Turn the college credits you've earned into a huge career-advancing stride! Among the top 10 private, non-profit, destination colleges for transfers in the state of Illinois, Saint Xavier University (SXU) might just be the school for you!

Why should I transfer?

Access to More Job Opportunities

By earning a bachelor's degree, you make your application an instant stand-out among competitors and gain access to a much larger pool of jobs than ever before. Along with more job opportunities, individuals who hold bachelor's degree tend to have higher starting salaries than those without degrees and in some cases, easier access to raises and bonuses.

Connect with a Broad Network of Professions

Networking is all about building meaningful, professional relationships between students, faculty, staff and professionals. By completing your bachelor's degree at Saint Xavier University, you gain access to a vast pool of more than 35,000 alumni to network with and gain valuable insight into your field.

Become More Qualified in Your Field

With a completed degree, you are instantly considered more skilled in your chosen field. Through boundless information gained from fellow classmates and dedicated professors, you will leave with the tools and experience necessary to succeed. In addition to the experience gained, completing your degree at SXU will provide you with more confidence by advancing your knowledge base, leaving you more self-assured and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

Where do I begin?

Enroll in Classes at Saint Xavier University!

What are you waiting for? Saint Xavier University is the perfect place to complete your bachelor's degree! With small class sizes, you will gain individualized attention and mentorship, allowing you to take on the rigors of higher education while completing an essential step in pushing your career to the next level.

Saint Xavier University offers class sessions in the fall, spring, May term and summer. Many course offerings are online, making it even easier to complete a degree at Saint Xavier University. Take a virtual tour or visit the campus to see if SXU is the place for you!

What about my existing credits?

When you transfer, your credits do too!

If you are transferring from a community college, you can bring up to 70 credit hours with you -- up to 90 if you transfer from a baccalaureate college or university. Because Saint Xavier University works with over 100 participating schools, you can transition smoothly and quickly. Take a look and see how your credits will transfer or request a credit evaluation.

Learn More

To learn more about joining the SXU community, visit the transfer student information page.

Apply Now!

Please visit Admission's Apply Now page to find the appropriate application or request more information.