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Sister Mary Josetta Butler Scholarship

In September 1990, the Board of Trustees established a scholarship to be awarded annually in honor of Sister Mary Josetta Butler, RSM. Sister Josetta was Dean of Saint Xavier College from 1956 to 1960 and President of Saint Xavier College from 1960 until 1963.

In her administration, Sister Josetta devoted her talents and energy to the cause of excellence in higher education. She believed strongly in the value of a liberal arts education as the foundation and motivation for a future career of service. In the Saint Xavier curriculum, the role of theology and religious studies was central.

The scholarship, which bears her name, is intended to reinforce and promote this idea of the "liberal education of the Christian person." It is to be awarded to a student who gives evidence of progress toward the achievement of this idea through the study of religion and theology integrated with studies in other fields of intellectual inquiry at the University, and who shows promise of making that education fruitful in a career of service.

The $2,000 scholarship is designed for upper-class students who have achieved some expertise on the role of theology and/or religious studies within a liberal arts education by completing three courses in religious studies at Saint Xavier University. In their submission, students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the role of religious studies and/or theology to an SXU education, either in an originally written essay or in a previously submitted essay from an SXU course that explores that connection.

Criteria For Eligibility

To apply for the Josetta Butler Scholarship, a student must:

  1. be presently enrolled in a degree-seeking, undergraduate program, carrying at least 6 credit hours in the semester when the application is made;
  2. enroll for the next academic year when the scholarship is given;
  3. have completed three religious studies courses or have completed two religious studies courses with plans to take one additional religious studies course;
  4. have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0;
  5. demonstrate qualities of intellectual leadership and of service;
  6. be nominated by a faculty member.


Upon nomination by a faculty member, the students will be invited by the Office of the Provost to submit an application in the form of an essay which sets forth his/her understanding of the study of religion as both integrating and relevant to significant issues and problems in our world today. The essay submission may be a new piece or an essay previously written for a course at SXU. Student essays must be submitted to Office of the Provost (WAC A-219) or to

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