University-Wide Scholarships

Excellence in Writing Awards

Description of the Award

Each spring semester, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs co-sponsor the Excellence in Writing Awards. This recognition intends to foster high-level competence in written communication by Saint Xavier University students.

All students, including graduate and part-time, are eligible to submit papers in two categories: Academic Writing (including documented research papers, literature reviews, case studies and analysis of a literary text or work of art) and Creative Writing (including personal narratives or other creative non-fiction, fiction or poetry). Undergraduate and graduate awards are given in each category. This scholarship carries no monetary award.


A panel of judges, headed by a lead judge who is an experienced evaluator of writing, reviews entries. This is a blind evaluation and judges do not know the identity of the writers.

The lead judge appoints at least two panel members to review and evaluate each of these categories:

The judges select the top two essays from each group.

If it is deemed that there are no suitable entries in a particular category, the judges may, at their discretion, name a second award winner in another category that has several noteworthy entrants.

The lead judge selects the winning paper from the two nominated by the panel.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. All students, including graduate and part-time, are eligible to submit work in the categories listed above.
  2. Only work written as part of the educational experience at Saint Xavier University and completed from March of last year, through March of this year, is eligible.
  3. All entries must be clean copies without student names, grades, comments or marginal annotations.
  4. All entries must be accompanied by "SXU Excellence in Writing Awards Submission Form (PDF)."
  5. Students must submit four copies and submission form to the Office of the Provost in G-200.

Submission deadline is March 15 of each spring semester (or the next business day if March 15 falls on a weekend).