Athletic Experience

Soccer Players Sort Medical Supplies for Needy

Members of Saint Xavier University’s men’s soccer team volunteered to help sort medical supplies for needy people in the developing world. Head Coach Ed Vucinic said 12 students spent about three and half hours sorting medical supplies that will be shipped around the world from  Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach in Chicago. 

The charity helps meet the medical needs of people in developing countries by recovering hundreds of thousands of pounds of equipment and supplies deemed surplus by U.S. based health care providers. The surplus is then sorted, cleaned, repaired, inventoried and published in an online catalog  in which needy hospitals and clinics can “shop” for what they need.

Vucinic said the team plans to do more charity work “as often as possible.”

“My belief is we’re put on Earth to serve other people,” Vucinic said. “The guys enjoyed it, it was a great experience and a great cause.”