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COD Early Childhood Education Transfer Guide

The following is presented as a transfer guide is presented between the College of DuPage (COD) and Saint Xavier University's Early Childhood Education major.

The undergraduate Early Childhood Education program prepares candidates to work with children from Birth through Grade 2. Completion of the program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and prepares candidates to obtain an Illinois Professional Educators License with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education, ESL and an Early Childhood Special Education Letter of Approval.

All students who have completed the IAI general education core curriculum (IAI/GECC) are required to take two further mission-based courses at Saint Xavier University, these are: Philosophy 150: The Examined Life and one religious studies course.

General Education Courses

College of DuPage Saint Xavier University
Communication (9 credit hours)
ENGLI 1101: English Composition I ENGL 120: Rhetoric and Writing
ENGLI 1102: English Composition I ENGL 188: Transfer English Elective
SPEEC 1100: Fundamentals of Speech Communication COMM 101: Speech Fundamentals
Mathematics (5-10 credit hours)
MATH 1321: Math for Teachers I MATH 121: Math for Teachers I
MATH 1322: Math for Teachers II MATH 122: Math for Teachers II
Life and Physical Sciences (Recommended)
Life Science (4 credit hours)
BIOLO 1100: Survey of Biology
BIOLO 1151: Principles of Biological Science I
BIOL 101: Principles and Methods of Biology
BIOL 111: General Biology I
Physical Science (7 credit hours)
Physical Sciences are taken at SXU. PHSCI 201: Physical Science for Teachers (4)
PHSCI 202: Earth and Space Science for Educators (3)
Social and Behavioral Science and History (9 credit hours)
POLS 1101: U.S. Government POLSC 101: Introduction to U.S. Government
GEOGR 1130: Cultural Geography SOCSC 288: Transfer Geography
HISTO 1160: World Civilization Since 1300 HIST 102: World History Since 1500
Humanities/Fine Arts (9 credit hours) See IAI GECC approved list
1 Humanities
1 Fine Arts
1 Humanities or Fine Arts
**Students have the opportunity to satisfy 6 credit hours from the Humanities/Fine Arts General Education at SXU by completing PHIL 150 and a religious studies course.
Transferable Education Courses
EDUCA 2201: Education for Exceptional Child EDU 323: Survey of Students with Exceptionalities
EDUCA 2211: Survey of Literature/Children EDU 209: Literature for Children and Adolescents
ECEC 1151: Language and Literacy Development of Young Child EDU 254: Emergent Literacy and Language Development
ECEC 1130: Methods Discovery and Physical World EDU 305: Foundations, Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Science K-2
ECEC 2252: Child/Family/Community Relations and Resources EDU 309: Child, Family and Multicultural Community
ECEC 1101: Growth and Development of Young Child EDU 251: Physical, Psychosocial and Cognitive Development: Pre-K - Grade 2
ECEC 1140: Methods Self-Expression and Social World EDU 306: Found, Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Social Science K-2
ECEC 2210: The Young Child with Special Needs EDU 307: Methods of Teaching Young Children with Special Needs

SXU Early Childhood Education Major Requirements

University General Education and Illinois State Board of Education Coursework Requirements

The Illinois State Board of Education requires the following subject-specific content coursework for a Professional Educator License with an Early Childhood Education endorsement. These courses also fulfill many of the general education requirements listed above.

8-Semester Course of Study from SXU

Freshman II (15 credits)

Sophomore I (16 credits)

Sophomore II (18 credits)

Sophomore Summer (3 credits)

Junior I (14 credits)

Junior II (16 credits)

Junior Summer (3 credits)

Senior I (14 credits)

Senior II (12 credits)

Requirements in this program are subject to change within the time span of one's University career due to changing requirements at national, state and local levels.

Additional Information

Please refer to the SXU Academic Catalog for any additional information.


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