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HC Computer Information Systems Transfer Guide

This transfer guide can assist Computer Information Systems students with their transition to Saint Xavier University. Please refer to the general education requirements for an A.A. or A.S. degree found in the Harper College (HC) Academic Catalog.

If students complete the majority of their general education requirements prior to transferring to SXU, they may qualify for the IAI GECC Articulation Agreement with the exception of Philosophy 150: The Examined Life and a religious studies course.

This major is an applications-oriented program. The emphasis is on mastering the computer as a productivity tool. Computer Information Systems majors will find courses in mathematics or business complementary to this program.

General Education Courses

Harper College Saint Xavier University
Communication (9 credit hours)
ENG 101: Composition ENGL 120: Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 102: Composition ENGL 188: Transfer English Elective
SPE 101: Fundamentals of Speech Communication COMM 101: Speech Fundamentals
MAT 103: College Algebra MATH 112: College Algebra (preferred)
Physical and Life Science (7-8 credit hours)
Choose IAI approved course/s Choose 1 Physical Science and 1 Life Science
Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature (9 credit hours)**
Choose IAI approved course/s **Students have the opportunity to satisfy 6 credit hours from the Humanities/Fine Arts General Education at SXU by completing PHIL 150 and a religious studies course.
Social and Behavioral Sciences/History (9 credit hours)
Choose IAI approved course/s Choose one History; one Social Science and one Social Science or one History
Diversity Studies (3 credit hours)
*See note for IAI waivers Cultures Within the U.S.
Global Studies (3 credit hours)
*See note for IAI waivers Cultures Outside of the U.S.
A grade of C or better is required in all courses counting toward the major.
*IAI Waivers are available for those students who transfer to SXU with an A.A. or A.S. degree or complete the majority of their General Education Core prior to transferring

Major Requirements

Harper College Saint Xavier University
  CMPSC 112: Survey of Computer Science
CIS 106: Computer Logic and Program Technology CMPSC 126: Business Programming
  CMPSC 222: Visual Data
  CMPSC 206: World Wide Web Applications I
  CMPSC 235: Systems Analysis and Design

Choose one of the following:

  • LAP 0002: COMPTIA Network +
  • HCB 8121: Intro to Local Area Networks
  • NET 121: Computer Networking
CMPSC 255: Introduction to Networks
  CMPSC 256: Operating Systems for the Practitioner
HCB 8280: Network Security Fundamentals CMPSC 281: Cybersecurity
  CMPSC 309: Issues in Computing
CIS 143: Intro to Database Systems CMPSC 321: Relational Database Theory and Design
  CMPSC 395: Computer Studies Capstone


Choose from CSC, LAN or MIS electives.

Harper College Saint Xavier University
Choose Option I or Option II at HC to receive CMPSC 202 and CMPSC 203 from SXU
Option I: CSC 121 and CSC 122 CMPSC 202: Principles of Programming I
CMPSC 203: Principles of Programming II 
Option II: CIS 206 and CIS 216

Choose one of the following:

  • LCI 0001: CCNA Network Specialist
  • HCB 8125: CISCO Networking CCNA
  • NET 270: CISCO Networking (CCNET)
CMPSC 266: Network Routing and Configuration
CSC 216: Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis CMPSC 311: Data Structures and Algorithms
  CMPSC 268: WAN Technologies
CSC 211; CIS 206; CIS 243 CMPSC 288: 200 level CMPSC Electives 
LNT 0007
CSC 217; CIS 137; CIS 211; CIS 230; CIS 244; CIS 245  CMPSC 388: 300 level CMPSC Electives 
HCB 8221

Additional Information

Please refer to the SXU Academic Catalog for any additional information.


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