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SSC Chemistry and Biochemistry Transfer Guide

The following is presented as a transfer guide between South Suburban College (SSC) and Saint Xavier University for the Chemistry and Biochemistry program based on both catalogs of both schools. The student would complete an Associate of Science (A.S.) from SSC and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemistry from SXU.

The Chemistry Department offers two major programs leading to a B.S. degree in (a) Chemistry with two tracks, Chemistry or Biochemistry and (b) Natural Science. Students who pursue a major or minor in chemistry can, in consultation with their academic advisors, successfully combine their chemistry interests with programs in art, biology, business, computer science, criminal justice or mathematics.

As a member of the IAI (Illinois Articulation Initiative), our participation allows students to follow a general education curriculum that will transfer smoothly to Saint Xavier University. All students who have completed the IAI general education core curriculum (IAI/GECC) are required to take two further mission-based courses at Saint Xavier University, these are: Philosophy 150: The Examined Life and one religious studies course.

General Education Courses

South Suburban College Saint Xavier University
Communication (9 credit hours)
ENG 101: Composition and Rhetoric ENGL 120: Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 102: Composition and Research ENGL 188: Transfer English Elective
SPE 108: Oral Communication COMM 101: Speech Fundamentals
Mathematics (10 credit hours)
May need College Algebra and Trigonometry Prerequisite
MTH 165: College Algebra
MTH 167: Plane Trigonometry
MATH 112: College Algebra
MATH 113: Trigonometry
Calculus I and II are Required for the Major
Students who by-pass College Algebra and Trigonometry should start with Calculus during the first year and take Physics second year with General Biology I and II.
MTH 190: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (5)
MTH 203: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (5)
MATH 201: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MATH 202: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
Social and Behavioral Science (9 credit hours)
See IAI GECC approved list.
Humanities/Fine Arts (9 credit hours) **
Choose IAI approved course/s.
**Students have the opportunity to satisfy 6 credit hours from the Humanities/Fine Arts General Education at SXU by completing PHIL 150 and a religious studies course.
Transferable Life and Physical Sciences for the Chemistry and Biochemistry major.
BIO 105: General Biology I BIOL 111: General Biology I
BIOL 106: General Biology II BIOL 112: General Biology II
CHM 113: General Chemistry I CHEM 111: General Chemistry I
CHM 114: General Chemistry II CHEM 112: General Chemistry II
CHM 203: Organic Chemistry I CHEM 251: Organic Chemistry I
CHM 204: Organic Chemistry II CHEM 252: Organic Chemistry II
PHY 101: Mechanics and Heat
PHY 210: University Physics I
PHYS 201: General Physics I (4)
PHYS 211: University Physics I [Calculus Based] (5)
PHY 102: Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism
PHY 211: University Physics II (Calculus based)
PHY 212: University Physics III (Calculus based)
PHYS 202: General Physics II (4)
PHYS 212: University Physics II [Calculus based] (5)
Take PHY 101 and PHY 102, or the combination of PHY 210, PHY 211 and PHY 212.

SXU Chemistry and Biochemistry Major Requirements

Chemistry Track

The following courses are required for a B.S. degree in Chemistry:

Biochemistry Track

The following courses are required for a B.S. degree in Biochemistry:

Choose one course from among the following:

Additional Information

Please refer to the SXU Academic Catalog for any additional information.


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