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SSC Communication Sciences and Disorders Transfer Guide

The following is presented as a transfer guide between South Suburban College (SSC) and Saint Xavier University's Communication Sciences and Disorders program based on the current catalogs of both schools. The student would complete an Associate of Arts (A.A.) from SSC and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) from SXU. Students should begin their SXU coursework during the fall semester.

The Communications Sciences and Disorders major consists of courses that introduce students to the anatomical, physiological, neurological, psychological, developmental, linguistic, and acoustic bases of speech and language development. The undergraduate major provides a foundation for students planning to complete graduate study in speech-language pathology or audiology or who are preparing for careers in related areas.

All students who have completed the IAI general education core curriculum (IAI/GECC) are required to take two further mission-based courses at Saint Xavier University, these are: Philosophy 150: The Examined Life and one religious studies course.

General Education Courses

South Suburban College Saint Xavier University
Communication (9 credit hours)
ENG 101: Composition and Rhetoric ENGL 120: Rhetoric and Writing
ENG 102: Composition and Research ENGL 188: Transfer English Elective
SPE 108: Oral Communication COMM 101: Speech Fundamentals
Mathematics (4 credit hours)
MTH 126: Fundamentals of Statistics MATH 135: Intro to Statistics
Life and Physical Sciences (Recommended)
Life Science (4 credit hours)
BIO 105: General Biology I
BIO 115: Human Biology Structure
BIOL 111: General Biology I
BIOL 200: Human Biology
Physical Science (3 credit hours)
CHM 111: Introductory Chemistry I CHEM: 188 Transfer Course
Social and Behavioral Science (9 credit hours)
PSY 101: Intro to Psychology PSYCH 101: Intro to Psychology
PSY 211: Human Growth and Development Life Span PSYCH 199: Human Growth and Development Life Span
Choose 1 additional Social and Behavioral Science from IAI approved course/s
Humanities/Fine Arts (9 credit hours)**
Choose from IAI approved course/s **Students have the opportunity to satisfy 6 credit hours from the Humanities/Fine Arts General Education at SXU by taking PHIL 150 and religious studies course.
Transferable Supportive Communication Sciences and Disorders Course
EDU 204: Introduction to Special Education EDU 323: Survey of Students with Exceptionalities for the Regular Classroom Teacher

SXU Communication Sciences and Disorders Major Requirements (38 credit hours)

Courses in the major must be completed with a grade of C or better, but see the requirements for admission to the program. Graduate programs expect that CSD courses will be completed with grade of B or better.

Elective Courses

The two elective courses that follow are reserved for students who have achieved a CSD grade-point average of 3.2 or higher, a grade of B or higher in CSDI 301 and CSDI 306, and who receive permission from the Department. Students registered for CSDI 310 must complete 25 hours of documented clinical observations, complete a federal criminal background check, present current CPR certification, and successfully complete other mandated pre-clinical requirements.

Admission to the Communication Sciences and Disorders Major

Application to the program must be made in writing after the completion of nine credit hours of required courses in the major. Admission is dependent upon achievement of a minimum CSD grade-point average of 3.0 and overall undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0, and the successful completion of a written language sample and an oral speech, language and voice screening. Applicants are expected to demonstrate those qualities of communication and personality necessary to relate effectively with children and adults who have communication disorders.

Transfer students must meet the same requirements for admission to and completion of the CSD major. A minimum of 15 credit hours in the major must be taken at Saint Xavier University.

Additional Information

Please refer to the SXU Academic Catalog for any additional information.


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