First-Year Experience

New Student Induction

"We witness to Mercy when we reverence the dignity of each person, create a spirit of hospitality, and pursue integrity of word and deed in our lives."

- Constitutions of the Sisters of Mercy

All new students are invited to Join us for this unique celebration of your entrance into the Saint Xavier community. At the ceremony you will be greeted by the University president, members of the cabinet, deans, and the faculty and staff of the University. Led by the student president of the Saint Xavier Council, you will recite the new student pledge and be presented with a Saint Xavier medallion to symbolize your new membership in the SXU community.

New Student Pledge

As a new student of Saint Xavier University, I dedicate myself to academic study, personal development and to the University community.

I embrace the University's commitment to truth, scholarship, and wisdom. I will strive to live the University's core values and to improve my community through active participation. I will follow the Code of Student Conduct. I will challenge myself to embody, through my words and actions, the qualities of Mercy, honoring the dignity and essential worth of all individuals. I will respect the diversity of opinions, ideas, and backgrounds, which are vital to University life.

Further, I accept the obligation of academic honesty, which is essential to honor the work of others and to fulfill the fundamental goals of the University. I accept, as well, the responsibilities of a future graduate: lifelong commitment to my community, my alma mater, and my own quest for wisdom.

All new students, including first-years, transfer, graduate and adult students, are invited and will receive a letter of invitation in early August. Parents or immediate family members are also invited to attend. For more information, contact Student Life at 773-298-3123.