Freshman Admission

Music Admission Requirements

Students who have been admitted to Saint Xavier University must follow additional requirements to be allowed entry into the Music Department. All students in the Music Department are considered Music Major Candidates until formal application and acceptance status into the Department has been completed.

In addition to the application, students are required to audition as a music major or music minor candidate. The Guidelines for Auditions are specific to your major and choice of instrument. During the audition, students are also being considered for scholarship opportunities offered directly by the Music Department. If a student is accepted into the Music Department, he or she is not guaranteed a music scholarship. However, the student may be eligible for other scholarships, so please consult the scholarship directory.

Admission to the Music Department

Freshman students must make formal application for admittance to the Department after completion of four (4) semesters of study as a music major candidate.

Transfer students must see the Chairperson for exact date of application, as each case is different.

Requirements for Formal Admission

  • Successful completion of Music Department sophomore year requirements. *

  • Successful completion of the University Sophomore year requirements (48-60 semester hours).

  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.

  • Letters of recommendation from:

    • Applied Music Professor

    • Theory/Aural Skills Professor

    • Music Education Director (Music Education students only)

  • Successful completion of a Formal Admission Jury with a grade point average of 2.5 for Bachelor of Arts candidates, and 3.0 for Bachelor of Music candidates.

  • Successful completion of the State of Illinois Criminal Background Investigation and Test of Academic Proficiency #400 for Music Education majors.

*Please see the Music Student Handbook (PDF) page 65 for a complete listing of sophomore year requirements.


  • Approximately mid-semester of the fourth semester of Music studies (normally spring, Sophomore year), obtain an Application for Formal Admission to the Music Department and fill out the application carefully and accurately, as it will be used in determining your eligibility for acceptance.

  • Submit two (or three) letters of recommendation to the Chairperson of the Department at least four weeks prior to the close of the semester.

    • 1) Applied Professor;

    • 2) Director of Theoretical Studies;

    • 3) Director of Music Education - (Music Education Only)

  • Full-time Music Department faculty will meet to discuss all areas of academic achievement as well as performance ability on principal instrument.

  • A 20 or 30-minute audition (based on major) on principal instrument will take place during the current semester's jury examination unless otherwise requested. Please review the Music Guidelines for Audion.

  • A letter will be sent to you as soon as possible informing you of:

    • Unconditional Acceptance

    • Conditional Acceptance

    • Probationary Acceptance

    • Non-Acceptance

* In the case of a Probationary Acceptance, make an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible to discuss deficiencies or problems so that these may be remedied at your earliest convenience.

** In the case of Non-Acceptance, the student may request a meeting with members of the department to discuss reasons for non-acceptance. If, in the future, there is justification to reevaluate, the chair, with the student, may initiate this process and a new review will take place.


Please Note: it is the responsibility of the student to initiate and follow through with this process. Students who are not admitted into a specific music degree program should not register for upper-level music courses in that program. It is possible that upper-level coursework taken prior to formal admission will not count toward degree completion. Students who are not admitted after the second attempt may petition the music faculty for a third and final attempt at formal admission to a specific program.