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Eat and Greet

We are looking forward to another exciting summer at SXU, planning for the arrival of new students and parents who will participate in FOCUS summer orientation. Please note the dates for this summer's programs.

FOCUS 2018 Session Dates

All departments, offices and programs are invited to help introduce new students to their services and offerings at the Eat and Greet student information fair. (Please note that this year's session will not include parents. There will be a smaller Parent Eat and Greet on the first day of each FOCUS session from 6:15 to 7 p.m. A few offices will be specifically invited to this. If your office/department would like to be included, please contact Carrie Schade at Eat and Greet is an information fair for students that will take place in the SXU Diner and Atrium on the followings days and times:

At Eat and Greet, tables will be set around the perimeter of the diner, atrium and other eating spaces; food tables will be spaced throughout with easy-to-eat fair-type foods. Use this time to get to know students, inform them of your services and recruit them to participate in your programs! Please feel free to provide any handouts or promotional materials. This event has been well-received by students in the past.

Tables will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. The table you pick using the form below will be the table that you have for all FOCUS sessions. This form should be completed no later than Friday, June 8. If you do not register, you risk not having a table or receiving a random table assignment from tables that have not yet been claimed by other departments.

Please note: Table spaces will be shared. Units should plan for as little as two to three feet of table space. Please view the FOCUS Eat and Greet Diagram (PDF). As we did last year, we will have an incentive initiative to encourage students to visit more tables. We will provide you with tickets to give to each student who visits your table. Please give each student one ticket for having a meaningful interaction at your table (e.g., more than just grabbing a flyer). The students are then able to turn in 15 tickets at the Student Activities table for a free water bottle. Information about this incentive and the tickets will be pre-placed on your table.

More Information

Feel free to contact Ali Zaharris at 773-298-3974 or Carrie Schade at 773-298-3123 if there are any questions.