Virtual Trivia for Alumni and Friends - Saint Xavier University
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Virtual Trivia for Alumni and Friends
Virtual Trivia for Alumni and Friends

Join us for virtual trivia via Zoom every Wednesday evening hosted by Smartacus Trivia. The meeting room will go live at 7:45 p.m. and game play will start at 8 p.m. Here’s how it will go:

• There will be 3 rounds: a two-point round, a 10-point round and a 20-point round. Each round will become more difficult. There will be 10 Questions in each round. After the 20-point round, you will be wagering your points on one final question. It could be super-hard or super-easy. No one knows!
• If your team is the only team to answer correctly, you get double points.
• Please keep yourselves on mute throughout the game. This way, you can talk openly on a group phone call with your teammates to discuss your answers and no one will hear you. Also, we have music and movie clips that everyone needs to hear, so it helps to be on mute. If you have a question, just type it out and Nikki Isleb, the host, will answer your question as best as she can.
• Nikki will have the Zoom chat set to private. You will be answering through the Zoom chat only to Nikki, so no one will see your answers.
• When your team captain answers, please type your team number. (ex: 1 - ANSWER) That way Nikki can keep things in order. If you don’t do this or if a bunch of people from the same team starts to answer, it gets really messy.
• There is no limit on team members, just a limit on teams.
• Winning teams will be sent their prizes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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Jeanmarie Gainer

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