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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Master of Applied Computer Science

The Master of Applied Computer Science Program (MACS) is designed to further students' understanding of the computing technologies shaping our world today and to prepare students for sustaining a lifelong contribution to a technology-related career. The MACS program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of important areas in the computing field such as Security, Networking, Data Science, Web Development, and Software Engineering.

This program may be completed in four semesters by completing 9 credit hours each semester. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be completed by taking an additional 24 graduate credit hours from the Graham School of Management, which can be completed in one additional year.

Entrance Requirements

The MACS program is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. However, a student with a non-computer-related degree may substitute relevant work experience as a prerequisite for entry into the program. College graduates who have not worked or studied in a computing field may become eligible for the program by addressing their deficiencies either by taking courses at Saint Xavier University prior to their enrollment in the program (a conditional acceptance will be considered), or by providing documentation that they have completed similar courses at another institution. Students wishing to pursue this option should consult with the program director.

Students with no experience in programming will be required to gain proficiency in one programming language (for example, Python, Visual Basic, C, Java or C++) prior to acceptance into the program. In some cases a student may be required to complete an introductory computing course. Please contact the program director for advice on fulfilling these requirements.

Program Requirements (36 credit hours)

A minimum of 36 credit hours must consist of the core courses and one track as follows:

Core Courses (21 credit hours)

Seven core courses:

  • ACSG 561: Systems Analysis and Design (3)
  • ACSG 556: Data Visualization (3)
  • ACSG 520: TCP/IP Architecture and Protocols (3)
  • ACSG 570: Computer Systems Security (3)
  • ACSG 452: Advanced Database Topics (3)
  • ACSG 545: Software Engineering (3)
  • ACSG 575: Information Ethics (3)
  • ACSG 591: Special Topics (3)

General Track (15 credit hours)

The General Track started fall 2019.

General track courses consist of any five elective courses from any tracks.

Web Development Track (15 credit hours)

The Web Development Track started fall 2019.

  • ACSG 540 Web Development (3)
  • ACSG 430: Mobile Applications (3)
  • ACSG 435: Cloud Computing (3)
  • ACSG 542: Full Stack Development (3)
  • ACSG 591: Special Topics/Capstone Course (3)

Networking and Security Track (15 credit hours)

The Networking and Security Track started spring 2020.

  • ACSG 450: Digital Forensics (3)
  • ACSG 572: Modern Operating Systems and security (3)
  • ACSG 578: Network Security (3)
  • ACSG 585: Network Administration (3)
  • ACSG 591: Special Topics/Capstone Course (3)

Data Science Track (15 credit hours)

The Data Science Track started fall 2020.

  • ACSG 555 Data Mining and Warehousing (will be renamed to "Machine Learning and Data Mining") (3)
  • ACSG 532: Fundamentals of Big Data Analytics (3)
  • MKTG 571: Research Methods (Marketing) (3)
  • PSYCH 510: Correlation and Regression (Psychology) (3)
  • ACSG 591 Special Topics/Capstone course (3)

Software Engineering Track (15 credit hours)

The Software Engineering Track started spring 2021.

  • ACSG 515: Next-Generation Software Architectures (3)
  • ACSG 535: Software Requirements (3)
  • ACSG 547: Software Design (3)
  • ACSG 549: Software Process (3)
  • ACSG 591 Special Topics/Capstone Course (3)

MBA/MACS Program

An MBA may be completed by taking an additional 24 graduate credit hours from the Graham School of Management. Consult the Graham School of Management for specific courses and procedures.