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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) offers a broad array of disciplinary programs as well as the university-wide general education program. The College provides all undergraduate students with a rigorous and forward-looking education in the liberal arts and sciences and offers opportunities for students to major or minor in more than twenty areas of study. The College offers the bachelor of arts (B.A.), bachelor of science (B.S.) and bachelor of music (B.M.) degrees, pre-professional programs in health and law, an honors program, early childhood, elementary, middle grades, and secondary education programs and numerous interdisciplinary programs.

The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to providing Saint Xavier students with a challenging general education program that cultivates critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration as students explore arts and sciences disciplines. In keeping with the Catholic tradition of the University, the general education program includes inquiry in the disciplines of philosophy and religious studies, and is committed to the study of diverse cultures within the United States and across the world. The scope of the general education program reinforces the University's mission to foster personal growth, ethical concern, social responsibility and intercultural sensitivities.

The College also provides students with focus, depth and specificity in its disciplinary undergraduate programs. These programs engage students in the pursuit of knowledge in the discipline and cultivate facility with disciplinary modes of thought, research and practice, enabling graduates to pursue advanced study, service in the professions and the path of life-long learning. The curricula incorporate critical inquiry into the assumptions and practices of the various disciplines, inquiry that is essential for responsible citizenship and conscientious practice in the professions.

Administration: B. Alappat, Interim Dean


The College of Arts and Sciences consists of the following departments:

Programs and Minors

Additionally, the College of Arts and Sciences also houses these programs/minors:

In collaboration with the Graham School of Management, a B.A./B.S. - MBA (Dual-Degree 4+1) is also offered.