Care Team


Care Team referrals and online forms are reviewed daily (Monday-Friday). Care Team staff will investigate the issue, make a referral to the most appropriate office(s) and/or determine if interventions and/or resources are needed. The Care Team will follow up with the individual initiating the report to gather additional information if necessary. If an emergency, imminent threat or serious incident takes place overnight or over the weekend, please contact SXU Public Safety at 773-298-3911.

Please Note: In most situations the Care Team may not be able to provide detailed follow-up information to the reporting person. Information is shared on a need-to-know basis.

See Something

You may be the first person to see something distressing in your students because you have frequent and prolonged contact with them. SXU encourages faculty and staff to respond compassionately to students who may feel alone, isolated or even hopeless when faced with academic, social or other life challenges.

Say Something

Trust your instincts and say something whenever a student leaves you feeling worried, alarmed or threatened. Reporting your concern may be the critical factor in helping this student.

File a Care Team Report

Please review the Reporting Options for further information.

To submit a report to the Care Team, please use the button below.

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