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Christine Fojtik

Title:Assistant Professor
Office:Warde Academic Center
Department: History & Political Science


Professor Fojtik received her Ph.D. in Modern Europe and Women's and Gender History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013. Before coming to SXU, she taught at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI and at DePaul University. Her work has focused most recently on how postwar deprivation forced Germans to reconsider their place in a Cold War international order. Specifically, she is interested in the way that tensions between urban consumers and rural producers, as well as a loss of agricultural self-sufficiency, led to a reconsideration of Heimat and a reconstitution of national identities.

She is interested in using the tools of the digital humanities to deepen historical understanding and promote public access to historical research. She is co-coordinator of social science secondary education and coordinator of the digital humanities minor.

In addition to her responsibilities at SXU, she serves as the managing editor of H-German, an online community for scholars of German history, literature, and culture and a podcaster for New Books in German Studies.


Ph.D. in Modern Europe and Women's and Gender History 

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of Specialization

  • Europe
  • Germany
  • Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Women and Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Digital Humanities


  • Licensed
  • Certificate of

Chair Specialized Clinical Interests

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Courses Taught

  • HIST 101: World History to 1500
  • HIST 102: World History since 1500
  • HIST 201: Introduction to the Digital Humanities
  • HIST 208: Europe since 1789
  • HIST 211: Women in Modern Europe
  • HIST 213: History of Modern Germany
  • HIST 215: History of Modern Russia
  • HIST 249: History of the Holocaust
  • HIST 251: Topics in European History (Refugees and Forced Migration in the Modern World)
  • HIST 348: "Deviant" Sexuality in the Western World
  • HIST 395: Senior Seminar
  • HONORS 320: Science and Social Justice

Selected Honors/Awards

  • Fellow, Holocaust Education Foundation, Northwestern University, 2016
  • Graduate Student Exchange Program Fellowship, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universit√§t, 2008-2009
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, Early Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007
  • Fulbright Teaching Assistantship, 2003


"The Productive Heimat: Territorial Loss and Rurality in German Identity at the Stunde Null," Food, Culture and Identity in Germany's Century of War, eds. Heather Benbow and Heather Perry (Palgrave, 2019).