Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

What is a Minority Serving Institution

SXU welcomes and serves students from all backgrounds. As the demographics of the U.S. population have shifted, students from minority groups are entering college at higher rates than ever before. In an effort to address the historic inequities in access to a college education, the federal government created the minority-serving institution (MSI) designation and offer a variety of federal programs and funding to these institutions to help them better serve their students.

Under the umbrella category of MSIs, there are seven sub-designations:

With a student population that is 39% Latinx, Saint Xavier was officially designated an HSI in 2014. In response to our changing demographics and in consideration of our Mercy heritage, the University has launched and will continue to grow campus-wide initiatives to best serve our students with compassion and respect.

Being an MSI Benefits Us All

As one of the top 10 most diverse universities in the Midwest, SXU's student body mirrors the diversity of the Chicagoland area. MSI designation is a federal designation based on a percentage of student population, but increased diversity benefits all students:

MSI Commitment to Inclusivity and Equity

SXU is now an inaugural member of the Illinois Equity in Attainment Initiative (ILEA), which is committed to eliminating racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps and graduation rates. As a member, we seek to inspire students to build a more inclusive and equitable world by exercising our core values, especially respect, hospitality, and diversity, which are represented by our many racial, ethnic, national, religious, and linguistic backgrounds.