Student Relief Fund

Student Relief Fund

The Student Relief Fund provides grants to successful Saint Xavier students who have exhausted all financial aid options and are still short of funds to pay tuition or buy textbooks, enabling those students to stay in school and finish their degrees.

Saint Xavier University serves a population of students with significant financial need. Ninety percent of our undergraduates rely on financial assistance to complete their education, and almost fifty percent of them receive Federal Pell grants, which are awarded to students with the greatest need.

These students are extremely vulnerable to economic conditions, and the current recession has hit them hard. Any change in their finances, whether it is something major such as the loss of a parent's job, or something as simple as an increase in the cost of food, utilities or gasoline can push successful students to the verge of having to withdraw from the University and put their dreams of earning a college degree on hold.

We started the Student Relief Fund in 2009 in response to the sharp increase in the number of talented, successful, and committed students who were coming to us because they had stretched their financial aid and personal financial options to the limit and were still unable to pay for school. Statistics show that even students who leave school with the best intentions of returning rarely do so. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that they can remain enrolled.

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There are still many more students who need your help. For more information, please contact University Advancement at 773-298-3940 or


For more information about how to apply for the Student Relief Fund, please contact financial services at 773-298-3500 or