We Are SXU Day

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Together We Can Spread the Word for SXU!

Here are a few ways you can help:

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be a Friend!

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Share on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram

Please share your participation on Facebook, using the "public" setting so that the SXU community can interact with you too! If you are unsure what to post, here are a few suggestions:

Sample Post: I'm so proud to participate today in Saint Xavier University's We Are SXU Day! I made a gift because I'm grateful for the support I received as a student, and I now want to pay it forward to the next generation! Join me by making a gift today and share why you support SXU. #WeAreSXU #TogetherWeCan

Sample Post: I'm ALL IN for SXU! I made a gift to the Saint Xavier Fund today and challenge my friends to join me. Gifts of ANY size make a BIG impact on the SXU experience! #WeAreSXU #TogetherWeCan

Sample Tweet: I'm proud to be a supporter! Join me in making a gift of any amount today and help SXU reach new heights. #WeAreSXU #TogetherWeCan

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If Social Media Is Not Your Strong Suit:

Email a picture with your caption to alumni@sxu.edu, and we will post it for you. You can also send an email to your friends using this sample message:

Saint Xavier University is calling on all alumni to make a gift of any size for We Are SXU Day! I made my gift this morning online. Give early to make your gift count! And, if you would be so kind as to email a few of your friends to ask them to give, it would be much appreciated. Think of the impact we could have if all alumni made a gift on We Are SXU Day!