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News Alert: SXU's 2nd Annual St. Baldrick’s event featured in Beverly Review, Chicago Network and Chicago Tribune


Saint Xavier University (SXU) hosted its 2nd Annual St. Baldrick's event last week on Tuesday, March 29 from 3 to 7 p.m. in SXU's Shannon Center. The event received media coverage from the Beverly Review, Chicago Network and Chicago Tribune.

SXU's St. Baldrick's event allowed for students and local community members to attend and shave their heads in solidarity with children who are battling cancer in exchange for donations. This year's theme, "Past, Present and Future," honored SXU students Nicole Munoz, SXU alumna, and Tara Hill, current SXU student, who are presently battling cancer. Sponsored by Saint Xavier Council (SXC), Student Nurses Association (SNA) and SXU's Student Veteran Alliance (SVA), the SXU community aimed to bring awareness to this national foundation in an effort to help Munoz and Hill reach remission and eventually a cure. The event raised a total of $10,100, which made the fundraising goal!