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SXU's Blake Paxton lands a book contract with Routledge Press


Saint Xavier University (SXU) Assistant Professor of Communication Blake Paxton, Ph.D., recently landed a book contract with Routledge Press. His forthcoming (2018) book is described below:

At Home with Grief: Continued Bonds with the Deceased chronicles Blake Paxton's ethnographic study on continued relationships with the dead. Bereavement scholars have discussed the importance of not treating these relationships as pathological and have suggested that more research is needed in this area of grief studies. Paxton's work contributes to the continuing bonds literature by showing how a community in southern Illinois continues a relationship with one deceased individual more than 10 years after her death. Through this autoethnographic account of his mother's death, he poses possibilities of what could happen when cultural feeling rules for grief are challenged and how continuing bonds with the deceased may help us continue or restore broken bonds with the living.