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SXU's Mission and Ministry hosts "Busy Person's Retreat"


Too busy to get away? Desire time to know God better? Want time to reflect on your life?

Consider the Busy Person's Retreat (BPR)! Not a group or away-retreat, the BPR requires you to commit just one hour a day to growing in faith and prayer. For a half hour each day, whenever and wherever you choose, you pray with Scripture and reflection materials. For the other half hour, at a time convenient for you, you share with a spiritual companion.

This spiritual opportunity fits itself into your busy schedule. Learn how to deepen your relationship with God, self, and others.

Open to all students, faculty, staff, and friends of Saint Xavier University!

  • Date: Sunday, February 21 (kickoff celebration) through Friday, Feb. 29 (closing celebration)
  • Time: YOU CHOOSE!!! One hour per day for four days in a row (not including opening or closing celebration)
  • Kickoff Event: Sunday, February 21, following 8 p.m. Mass in McDonough Chapel
  • Location: Various locations around the SXU Chicago Campus
  • Who is Invited: Any student, faculty, staff, or friend of the University
  • Cost: FREE!!!

Application Deadline: Thursday, February 18

Please email or call the Mercy Ministry Center at 773-298-3900 with questions.