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Shannon Center Weekly Nutrition Tip -- Food Journal Benefits


Food journal -- Rate your Plate!

Food journaling is one of the ways you can help ensure weight loss success! Why is that? Journaling everything you eat and drink helps you to become more accountable for your food decisions. Food journaling can also help you troubleshoot your diet to see why you may not be hitting your weight loss goals. Here are some tips for keeping a food log.

  • Keep a small notebook close by to record the time of your food intake, what you ate or drank and how much (portion size).
  • If you are a smart phone or tablet user, I suggest downloading Lose It! Or MyFitness Pal to journal electronically. (Friend me on MyFitness Pal at
  • Journal the food as you eat it and not at the end of the day when you have trouble remembering everything you consumed.
  • Don't forget to record the drinks such as Gatorade, juice or supplements.

Some things to review once you have been journaling a week or more:

  • Are you a bottom heavy eater? (Eating most of your calories at night?). If so, start eating more food earlier in the day.
  • Are you heavy in your fat consumption? Aim for no more than 40-50 grams a day.
  • Are your portions too large? Aim for 250-400 calories per meal if you can.