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Shannon Center Weekly Nutrition Tip – Healthy Halloween Tips!


Halloween Tips!

Halloween week is finally here! Between costume parties, trick or treating it's important to prepare by making mindful choices and planning out some fun activities to take your mind off candy. Let's explore some other strategies to think about for the day, especially if you have any food-related events planned:

  • Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and functioning at your best. Aim for 64 to 80 fluid ounces (around 8 to 10 cups) for the whole day.
  • Before the party or event, make sure to eat a snack high in protein and fiber before you leave so that you won't feel extra hungry. Try Greek yogurt with a few slivered almonds; a string cheese stick with some whole grain crackers or apple slices; hummus with veggie sticks or whole grain pita bread; or even a piece of fruit with a tablespoon of nut butter. Get creative!
  • At the party or other event, choose lower-calorie options if possible. Avoid fried, oily, and sugary foods and choose grilled, steamed, broth-based, etc., options if you can. Choose low-calorie beverages as well, like water and unsweetened or artificially sweetened tea; or limit your sweetened beverage to one cup only.
  • But, do feel free to pick one or two special treats to enjoy at the party. Choose carefully, and you won't derail your diet. Make sure to savor that treat like you mean it!
  • If you aren't going to a party or event and are just staying at home passing out candy, you can still follow the same strategies mentioned above and enjoy a treat or two at home.
  • Also if you're passing out candy, don't keep the candy bowl or bags in plain sight all day – hide them in a place you won't be looking at constantly and take them out only when the trick or treaters start coming to your door.
  • If you're in between busy trick or treat times, find something else to do rather than staring at the candy. Try reading a book, listening to music, cleaning, or doing another project while you wait for the other costumed kids to arrive.
  • Planning ahead with these tips can help you enjoy the day even more.

Happy Halloween!