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Shannon Center Weekly Nutrition Tip- Honoring National Nutrition Month


Happy National Nutrition Month (NNM) to you! I'll kick off #NNM with a post on some of my favorite foods, technologies and kitchen gadgets! Have to start out with my most favorite gizmo:

  1. The Fitbit. Not a Fitbit. THE Fitbit. This pedometer is awesome. It not only tracks steps but also active steps, meaning the ones you really have to earn. I could average in the spring and summer 15,000+ steps a day and not have 1 active minute. This drives me to make sure I am having "steps that count" most days of the week. And I love a good competition. In the Fitbit app you can track to see who is close to you in steps. What better motivation to kick it up a notch! For free shipping, click on the FitBit link on my website!
  2. This one is for all the mom's out there sick of cutting their kid's foods. Pizza cutter. Just make sure it's a good one! You can cut most anything with one of these babies. Waffles? Pancakes? Chicken? You name it, the pizza cutter is a huge time saver, especially when you have 4 kids!
  3. On the Go Blender like this one sold by GNC. These quick blenders are AWESOME because they are made for people on the go. I blend quick smoothies with yogurt and protein, quickie protein shakes or meal replacement shakes. Makes for a great quick breakfast and I can twist the cup off the blender and take it with me.
  4. I cannot do a post on my favorite things unless I mention hummus. Cedar's Point garlic lover's hummus is just 40 kcals per serving. Pairs great with sliced veggies (cucumbers, carrots, peppers, etc.), pretzels or pita chips. My most favorite snack right now.
  5. Tin foil.As a busy mom on the go, I have to say tin foil has made my nights a lot easier! Tinfoil packets: throw some olive oil spray, cut up veggies, salmon or chicken breast in a self-made tin foil packet and voila! Throw in oven or grill for 10 to 15 minutes. The meat steams right up and no clean up! Roasted veggies – cut up whatever veggie you want for dinner, coat with non-stick spray, salt, pepper and some garlic and roast in oven for 10 minutes at 450 degrees. No pans to clean up after!
  6. Bolthouse Farms Cilantro and Avocado dressing. (If your store does not carry, ask them to order it!). Found in the produce section. Great, low calorie dressing for taco/Mexican salads or just as a dip for veggies. Goes great in grilled chicken wraps as well!
  7. Aqua Tally cups.The single reason I consume as much water as I do in the last 18 months. Helps track your water intake throughout the day. But that's not even why I like it. It's because it keeps my water ICE COLD. I have like 5 of them in every room of my house. Just love them! (Will most likely be doing another group order soon if you are interested or you can go to their website above to order).
  8. Brown paper bag + popcorn kernels.Easiest snack ever. Toss some kernels in the bag, fold down a few times and throw in microwave on popcorn setting. Voila! For topping suggestions and recipes view my past blog post!
  9. Kolder Salad Dressing Bottle: Want to make your own recipes but don't know how? Check out this bottle then – it has recipes for numerous salad dressings. I found it at Target, but it is also on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed some of MY favorite things? What are some of yours? Email me at