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Mercy Word of the Week


Sunday, November 20 marked the end of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Throughout the year, we've accompanied you with weekly Mercy words and today we share a "bonus" word and thank you for reading. We hope you found some degree of inspiration and comfort in these brief reflections.

May you enjoy a blessed and holy Advent and a glorious celebration of the Savior's birth. Blessings and Happy Holidays to ALL!

Bear Wrongs Patiently: The danger in asking God for the gift of patience is that God's answer won't come in a package like a pill you can swallow or a garment you can wear. The way God answers that prayer is by providing opportunities that will test our patience and then providing the grace to respond with serenity and endurance.

During this year of Mercy, we have been encouraged to focus on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Among the spiritual works is "bearing wrongs patiently." That is such a counter-cultural notion that it's almost hard to take it seriously.

Typically, in the face of injury or some injustice, we fight back, demand our rights, and go to court and sue when we don't get them. But the gospel endorses another way, and Jesus set the example. In his Passion, Jesus endured, without protest, the most grievous wrong imaginable. We might let ourselves off the hook by adverting to the fact that "He was the Son of God!" Yes, he was. But many of his followers, following Jesus' example, have done the same. Examples are found in many lives of the saints.

Oh, "you're not a saint!" you say. Maybe not. Or maybe, not yet!