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SXU's Eileen Quinn Knight presented at Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics


Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) School of Education (SOE) Professor Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D., gave a presentation at the Annual Conference of Teachers of Mathematics in Peoria on Friday, October 7. The purpose of the presentation was to help teachers understand the importance of social justice as a part of the teaching of mathematics. It included the use of data in the newspapers and magazines as well as texts that focuses on establishing validity and reliability in order to understand the importance of justice for all. The inclusion of concerns for the economically poor and disenfranchised was an issue that resonated with the teachers present. The structure of how to establish ways of determining what to save, to spend and to share were given primary focus for all in the group. It also included the use of ways of assisting students in realizing how numbers interact so that each person in a math classroom can act responsibly in regard to how money is used.