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SXU students volunteer for Misericordia Heart of Mercy Candy Days – April 29


Saint Xavier University (SXU) students will donate two hours of their time to help raise funds on Friday, April 29 during Misericordia Heart of Mercy Candy Days. This volunteer opportunity was made possible by the efforts of Dr. R. Morris, principal at Burroughs School in the Chicago Public Schools system; Lydia O'Grady, secretary of School Partnerships for SXU's School of Education (SOE); Jeanmarie Gainer, director of Alumni & Parent Relations; and Kristina Nolan, SOE student.

Misericordia currently supports 600 children and adults with mild to profound developmental disabilities from all racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. Programs include residential placement and day-to-day support, employment opportunities, physical and speech therapy, social and recreational outings, health and fitness activities, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

SXU student volunteers are as follows:

  • Roque Castro;
  • Joe Cosenza;
  • Christian Lett;
  • Jeremiah Griffin;
  • Ryan Luzin;
  • Matt Mindak;
  • Tim Walsh;
  • John Rhode;
  • Josh Wallick;
  • Ryan Carroll;
  • Derrick Hosselton;
  • Jeff Cesario;
  • Rudy Antuna;
  • Joey Garcia;
  • Malik Harris;
  • Moe Ashkar;
  • Justin Hunter;
  • James Jacobson;
  • Sean Jones;
  • Tyler Snee;
  • Jesse Gonzales;
  • Abdul Mahdi;
  • Anthony Kowalczyk;
  • DJ Mack;
  • Oscar Moreno;
  • Brandon Trebble;
  • Jarvis Franklin;
  • Ryan Ziarko;
  • DJ Joe;
  • Omar Salazar;
  • Matt Johnson;
  • Tyler Sharp;
  • Alex Hamilton;
  • Ahmad Ashkar;
  • Jake Ziarko;
  • John Glover;
  • Joe Baily;
  • Khal King;
  • Kevin Lonergan;
  • Robbie Brindley;
  • Josh Hettiger;
  • Mike Lafenhagen;
  • Paris Clyburn-Paytes;
  • Esay Hemphill;

For more information on the Misericordia Heart of Mercy organization, visit their website.

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