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The John Marshall Law School and SXU Pair to Offer Joint Law Degree, MBA


The John Marshall Law School and Saint Xavier University have established a joint academic program in law and business that will enable students to earn advanced degrees in a shorter period of time, in fields that will give graduates the advantages of versatility and in-depth knowledge in a continually evolving job market.

The collaboration between Saint Xavier's Graham School of Management and The John Marshall Law School creates a JD/MBA dual-degree program in which students enrolled at these institutions may simultaneously pursue a Juris Doctor degree at John Marshall and a Master of Business Administration at Saint Xavier University.

"Our new dual-degree program with SXU gives law students the opportunity to acquire business skills that will help advance their careers and give them an even greater edge in the job market," John Marshall Dean John E. Corkery said.

"We are very excited that our students will have the opportunity to apply to this new dual-degree program," said SXU Dean Asghar Sabbaghi at the Graham School of Management. "We do whatever we can to prepare our students to meet the demands of 21st Century jobs, and the development of this new dual-degree program is a prime example."

Under the JD/MBA dual-degree program, accepted students may apply up to 12 John Marshall credits to the MBA program, and up to nine credits of Graham coursework to their law degree, allowing them to earn two degrees in substantially less time than it normally would take. To apply for the dual-degree program, students must apply and be accepted to both John Marshall and SXU. Students who are new to both John Marshall and SXU may begin the JD degree on a full-time or part-time basis at John Marshall. Students currently enrolled in the MBA program at Saint Xavier can apply to John Marshall as a part-time JD student. All classes for this dual-degree program will be held at John Marshall Law School.

For here for more information about the JD/MBA dual-degree program between John Marshall and Saint Xavier University visit the John Marshall website.