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Shannon Center Weekly Nutrition Tip – Ways to Burn 100 Calories


Did you overindulge during the Thanksgiving holiday? Below are various ways in which to burn 100 calories! Aim to burn at least 300 in a workout, five days week if you can!

Ways to burn 100 calories:

  • 15 minutes of an aerobics class
  • Elliptical machine (arms and legs) for 12 minutes
  • Walking or running one mile
  • Biking for 20 minutes
  • Rake those leftover leaves from fall for 20 minutes
  • Life weights for 20 -- 30 minutes
  • Playing tennis for 20 minutes
  • Play Wii boxing or tennis for 20 minutes
  • Swim laps for 12 minutes
  • Running Stairs for six minutes
  • Yoga for 20 minutes
  • Jump rope for nine minutes
  • Dance class (or just dance!) for nine minutes
  • Cleaning the house for 30 minutes