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Cuneo Foundation supports two SXU students


Universities take pride in their students' achievements. This is why Saint Xavier University (SXU) is excited to announce that Ashley Galassini '20 and Peter Para '18 were chosen as Cuneo Scholars for the 2017 to 2018 academic year. Both students are returning recipients and will receive a $25,000 scholarship, a charitable grant financed by the Cuneo Foundation.

"Both Ashley and Peter exemplify the Cuneo Foundation's mission to support students with high academic potential, active involvement in co-curricular activities, financial need, a passion for service, and a desire to help create a more just society," said SXU President Laurie M. Joyner, Ph.D. "These two students embody the exact Core Values we strive to instill in each and every one of our students and an award such as this is well deserved and truly transformative."

Galassini is a rising sophomore who is majoring in nursing. During her freshman year, she excelled in academics and service. She maintained exceptional grades, which qualified her for the Dean's List. Additionally, she joined a service club, where she volunteered to help those less fortunate, and Pals for Change, which gives adults with special needs the opportunity to interact with others through various activities.

Throughout the summer, she has coached a special needs baseball team while studying microbiology. This coming year, Galassini will be working at Christ Hospital as a patient care assistant. She credits her success to her Cuneo Scholarship, as it lifts an enormous financial burden and allows her to focus on her studies and interests. Galassini is extremely grateful for the opportunities it has provided her.

"The gracious scholarship awarded by the Cuneo Foundation has been such a vital part my education at Saint Xavier University," said Galassini. "I not only have time to focus on my studies, but I have a reason to work 110 percent in my community, and in my education. The scholarship has pushed me to become the best version of myself, never letting go of my dreams of becoming a nurse. I have such great respect for the SXU community and have had many amazing opportunities throughout my time here thanks to the Cuneo Scholarship."

Para is entering his senior year as an accounting student in the Graham School of Management (GSM). Para serves as the president of the Environmental Concerns Organization, and is on the Student Advisory Board of the GSM. He is also on the Advisory Committee for the University's Student Credit Union. During tax season, Para volunteered at Ladder-Up, which is a nonprofit service that provides assistance with filing taxes for working class people.

Also this spring, Para began an internship at Metra doing individual auditing. He has also continued his work with SXU's Information Technology (IT) Department and at local tax business. His ultimate goal is to become a CPA for an accounting firm. As one of five siblings with three in college, Para recognizes the great impact of his Cuneo Scholarship, and he is thankful for the assistance.

"It is an honor to receive the Cuneo Foundation Scholarship and it is wonderful to be named a Cuneo scholar for a fourth year," said Para. "Without the generous funding given by the Cuneo Foundation my college career would not be as prolific as it has been. For the continued support, I am deeply thankful. To be able to dedicate myself whole hearty to my studies without the worry of the affordability to attend college and having enough for textbooks, I am blessed."