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SXU becomes first University in U.S. to join CourseNetworking


Saint Xavier University (SXU) and CourseNetworking, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, are both excited to announce their academic partnership that allows SXU students an opportunity to showcase their academic strengths and level of expertise in their given area of interest. SXU is the first University in the United States to offer such an innovative learning management system (LMS) that might look like Facebook, but offers SXU students a chance to network and build a professional business image that will help prepare them for 21st century employment opportunities.

SXU will utilize CourseNetworking on their Chicago and Orland Park campuses in an effort to complement the current LMS, Canvas, by utilizing both the micro certification badges as well as e-Portfolio that support our efforts in a social learning based pedagogy. Micro certification badges provide a solid validation of a students' knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be very visible on the site. The e-Portfolio allows students to showcase a collection of projects and reports on the site that provide evidence of their learning journey over a period of time.

"It's important we provide SXU students with a tool that allows them to better represent themselves as well as their strengths and talents in preparation for future employers and business opportunities," said Chris Zakrzewski, Ed.D., assistant provost for Technology and Instructional Innovation. "SXU students will also be exposed to students around the world as the site includes discussion boards in over 20 to 30 countries."

CourseNetworking Founder and CEO, Ali Jafari, said "We're very excited to work with one of the oldest liberal arts schools in the country. With this [partnership], together, we're implementing something that those in higher education have been talking about for a long time without action – using systematic micro certification, badges, and certified credentialing. This means graduating students can take a comprehensive, lifelong e-Portfolio URL loaded with certified badges and transcripts that showcase their abilities with them when they go. The difference between CourseNetworking and other learning management systems is its ability to highly engage students in formal, informal, and social learning", Jafari said. "That engagement stems from its concept: a learning management system that looks and feels like Facebook. With the CN Post LTI plug in tool, SXU can now facilitate engaging discussions, polls and more without having to leave their LMS site."

CourseNetworking was founded in 2011 and takes pride in being built by educators, for educators. Its recent launch of sales and marketing efforts in North America and its newer component, the CN Post LTI plug in tool, prompted the partnership with SXU. As more SXU students and faculty join the site and share their information, we anticipate the partnership between CourseNetworking and SXU to continue to evolve.

For more information about CourseNetworking, please go here and for more details regarding SXU, please go here.

About CourseNetworking

CourseNetworking (CN) has a unique, next generation technology solution for the education Industry supported by many years of thinking and research invested prior to the commercialization of the product. Built on a global education platform, CN offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), Social Portfolio, Global Academic Social Network, Badging as well as other social collaboration functionalities to transform teaching and learning. The CN was built to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities are available for everyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, through the web or the mobile app. The CN also provides a full turnkey solution for system implementation in institutions.

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