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SXU's Hospitality Management Program caters to students seeking service


When Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, fell ill, her final request was that upon her inevitable passing, her fellow sisters share a "comfortable cup of tea" with each other and the community. Since Saint Xavier University (SXU) is a Mercy institution, the core value of hospitality is held in reverence by students, faculty and staff. Following suit, SXU's Hospitality Management Program in the Graham School of Management (GSM) is centered on mastering the necessary skills to best serve customers.

Currently, the hospitality business is the world's largest industry, with extensive international involvement, controlling eight percent of the world's total employment. In the United States, it is the second largest employer, and in half of the country it is considered one of the largest industries. Due to its nature, hospitality management is a much needed service, and as a result, is an extremely successful field.

As an industry, it is often assumed that hospitality management is limited to hotels and restaurants; however, there is a wide array of opportunities, including: travel and tourism; lodging; assembly and event management; restaurants; and recreation. The Hospitality Management Program at SXU prepares students for every possible career path they may encounter, through experienced instructors and an intriguing curriculum.

Smaller class sizes in SXU's GSM allow professors to build better relationships with their students, which aids in the learning process. Courses also offer hands on training each semester by visits to various sites, and guest speakers are often invited to share their perspectives with students. Focus on customer satisfaction is the forefront of the program. Dr. Joyce A. Hunter, director of the hospitality management program, brings real world experience into her classroom through her history of over 25 years in the airline industry. The diverse learning environment enables students to understand the various approaches and concerns within the field of hospitality management.

SXU is proud of the genuine affection its Hospitality Management Program displays and promotes. Any students seeking careers in business and customer service are highly encouraged to examine the hospitality management track.

For more information on the Hospitality Management Program, please visit the website, or contact Assistant Professorial Lecturer Brian Hill at bhillFREESXU.