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SXU's Jaclyn Murawska and father featured on Wilson Language Training website


Most kids grow up with a certain dream in mind, such as being a professional baseball player, first female president, etc., but for one man his dream was to be able to read and write, a goal he achieved at the age of 55. Alby Lee Lewis spent his whole life keeping his illiteracy a secret from everyone he knew, even his own daughter. After eight years working diligently to make his dream a reality and now at a 5.5 reading level, he shares his story with the hope of inspiring others.

Earlier this spring, Saint Xavier University's (SXU) School of Education (SOE) hosted a book signing event, where author Alby Lee Lewis shared his story of living and dealing with dyslexia. Lewis is the father of SXU's Dr. Jaclyn Murawska, assistant professor of mathematics. This event generated a lot of media buzz from various outlets, including the Wilson Language Training, the program Lewis used to overcome his dyslexia.

To read about Lewis story, please visit the Wilson Learning Training website.