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SXU Residence Life staff member published in TRENDS Magazine


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Office of Residence Life Assistant Director and Adjunct Faculty member Timothy "TJ" Martin has been published in the fall 2017 issue of TRENDS Magazine, a regional publication for college and university housing professionals.

His article is titled, "The forgotten ism and the negative impact on the college and university housing profession." Martin said, "My goal is to educate professionals on what ableism is and how it is prevalent throughout many higher education institutions."

Martin and his colleague, Acacia Kapusta, from Washington State University, have been working on this project together for over a year. They have presented in Spokane, Wash., led a webinar online for housing professionals, and are presenting in Indianapolis at the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers annual conference in November 2017.

In his article Martin shares that we should be open to examining our departments and institutions "recognizing that ableism is systemic and deeply ingrained in our processes, [and] we should come to the table unafraid to ask the tough questions and with the goal of helping to spur change." Martin hopes that this article, in addition to continued conference presentations will grow the conversation both regionally and nationally on often unnoticed ableist practices.

Martin said, "People often think that just because the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed that progress has been made for people with disabilities, but the truth is we have just become to sensitized to being ableist. We don't put up with our institutions of higher learning being racist or sexist, yet for some reason being ableist is not challenged."

Martin joined SXU in January 2017 as the assistant director of Residence Life. He teaches a Leadership and Diversity course for first-year students, and is an adjunct instructor for the Communication Department. His teaching, research and publications cross the fields of communication studies and higher education administration specifically focusing on leadership training, social justice education, cultural competency and organizational communication.