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SXU's School of Nursing receives $50K donation from generous patient


Saint Xavier University (SXU) was founded in compassion. Thus, it is no surprise the institution praises it as a core value. Not only is this sense of mercy essential in its name, but the SXU community is also taught to enact it within the world, by way of action. Recently, this benevolence paid off. On October 19, 2016, a Chicago native by the name of Irene 'Regina' Mandock died at 106 years old. Upon her passing, an extremely generous $50,000 donation was made to SXU's School of Nursing (SON).

Mandock was born on September 10, 1910, and it has been reported that she lived the majority of her life, if not all of it, in the same three-flat apartment in Wicker Park. Long retired before her death, she spent many years working for the railroad in a secretarial position. Mandock was not an alumnus of SXU, but it's said she had a nurse who studied at the University, which explains the donation.

With no children or spouse, Mandock considered her neighbors family. They would help her around the house with home repairs and join her for conversation and company. Her passing left them saddened, as they lost a dear friend.

"I loved her, and she will be missed," said Jonathan Stein, the neighbor south of her apartment.

Another neighbor, Barbara Watt, fondly remembered her wit.

"She was sarcastic and would always make fun of herself, a nice mix of humility and self-confidence," said Watt.

The money received by the SON will be used for scholarships, which are important for nursing students. Relieving a portion of the financial burden education brings is a great deed for students in such a demanding field of study. Mandock's charitable contribution has made it possible to reward more students for their hard work.

"The faculty in the School of Nursing are so honored that Ms. Irene Mandock made a donation to the Saint Xavier University School of Nursing," said Peg Gallagher, interim Dean of SON. "Those funds, earmarked for student scholarships will be put to very good use. The undergraduate students in the SON who receive some of these funds will be able to work less and study more, which will better prepare them for the role of a professional nurse. Our SON graduate students who receive some of these funds will also be afforded the opportunity to give more attention to their coursework that is preparing them to serve in primary care settings as a family nurse practitioner. SXU's SON is grounded in a foundation of intentional caring. This legacy is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use by our students."

SXU is incredibly grateful to Ms. Mandock, and to her surviving nephew, Jim Mandock. Know that the University appreciates the generosity of this amazing donation, and that it will be used to continue the tradition of compassionate nursing SXU is accustomed to.

For more information on SXU's nursing program, please visit the School of Nursing section of the website.