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SXU featured in CVS Health Report


CVS Health recently released its 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, featuring Saint Xavier University (SXU) for its new tobacco-free campus policy. Colleges and universities across the country have begun to boot tobacco from their property. In 2016, SXU was among 20 schools given grants by the CVS Health Foundation, with the mission of promoting healthier habits.

"A tobacco-free campus discourages the initiation and use of tobacco products in young adults and creates a supportive environment for those wanting to quit," said SXU's Health Center Director Kathleen Rohan. "It reduces litter, improves fire safety, and creates a more welcoming environment for prospective students."

The CVS Health Foundation also praised SXU for not just outlawing tobacco products, but for going a step further in involving and educating the community. Students were asked to submit designs for the tobacco-free campus movement, and the winner was given a monetary award. SXU students, faculty and staff were invited to participate in educational events and programs to quit smoking. A social media campaign was launched on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SXU believes the events "created a positive environment and a well-informed community more open to policy acceptance."

Instead of limiting the policy to smoke-free, SXU chose to embrace a tobacco-free initiative, with the help of CVS. This means the use of other tobacco related products, such as e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, are also prohibited.

"Any exposure to second-hand smoke is unsafe, so eliminating all exposures gives our campus community an immediate health benefit," said Rohan.

Thanks to the help of the grant, SXU has joined over 1,500 colleges and universities in going tobacco-free. Students, faculty and staff can all breathe a breath of fresh air, with a deep gratitude to CVS.

The full CSR report can be found free campus, please visit the Tobacco-free campus web page.