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Alums' 'Train Often' at UpFall Art Station


The UpFall Art Station will be hosting a reception for its latest series: "Train Often." Join the local art community in a celebration of the creative productions of Saint Xavier University (SXU) alums Bryan Sykes '13 and Kolin Smith '18. Both are returning SXU Art and Design students who are making exiting new strides in the creative worlds of music and art. Not only is the public invited to come see the fruits of their artistic talents but also listen as this exhibit puts to work more than just your sense of sight.

The UpFall Art Station is a place for the talents of students, faculty, and alumni to merge together in the grand art of creating public art exhibits. This latest series embodies the concept of practicing something to the point of perfection. EntItled "Train Often," it takes the idea of practice and shows how a person can reach greater heights in whatever field they apply the spirit of discipline.

The reception will take place Friday, September 14, at the SXU UpFall Art Station from 5 to 9 p.m. For more information on the exhibit and the studio, visit the UpFall Art Station website, and visit the SXU website for more information on Art Programs.