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SXU Campus Ministry will travel back to the roots of the Sisters of Mercy


On Sunday, July 29, three representatives from Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Campus Ministry will travel abroad to Dublin, Ireland as a part of a pilgrimage focused on the Sisters of Mercy.

Director of Campus Ministry and trip attendee Deirdre Kleist said, "Throughout the pilgrimage, students will have the opportunity to hear from many engaging speakers from the worldwide Mercy community about the history and heritage of the order and about the important work the Sisters are doing today."

Feeling a need to assist with the religious, educational and service needs of poor women and children in Dublin, Mother Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, initiated the procurement of the House of Mercy in 1824. Meeting at that same house, now known as the Mercy International Centre, participants will become a part of a much larger network of college students from around the world who are seeking a spiritual refuge, growth in their faith and connection to the Sister of Mercy. The entire group will even take part in a walking tour of Dublin from the perspective of Mother Catherine McAuley as a way of retracing the step she took throughout her life and service.

Marina Martinez, junior Biology/Pre-Health major and attendee, has never attended a trip like this one before. She is looking forward to learning about the foundations of the Sisters of Mercy while gaining valuable knowledge of the Mercy heritage. "It feels like a gift sent from the heavens. Being able to learn the story of the Sisters through the sisters themselves at their home town is unreal to me," said Martinez. "I want to learn new concepts and ideas that I can share with fellow classmates and community members and bring the Mercy heritage home with me."

Junior English major and Environmental and Sustainability Studies & International Studies minor, Emily Malchow hopes to embrace her faith and expand her global perspective by visiting Ireland. "A core component that attracted me to this pilgrimage is the same one that attracted me to transfer to Saint Xavier University one year ago: it will allow me to develop my leadership abilities as well as my Catholic faith," said Malchow. "For me, feeling the history leaves a greater impact on my senses and memory than anything else."

Although she has never traveled abroad with SXU, Malchow visited South Africa earlier this year as a part of a delegation with the International Scholar Laureate Program. She is looking forward to attending an international trip with SXU with the hopes of bringing a different viewpoint back to campus with her.

'This program will allow myself and other students to embrace our faith, as well as offer the tools needed to build leadership as we navigate our future careers," said Malchow. "Additionally, these two factors -- leadership and faith -- will help bridge cultural and religious gaps that are present and abundant today."

For ways to get involved in Campus Ministry or to attend future events, please email campusministryFREESXU.