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SXU Offers Program in Leadership and Public Administration


Leadership and public administration is a field built on learning by doing. At Saint Xavier University (SXU), the coursework needed to complete your Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Public Administration is coupled with constant practical experiences. Individuals not only study negation but practice it from the beginning, working with and debating against fellow students. Students are also offered numerous internship opportunities to apply these skills in a real-world setting that prepare them for careers in law, journalism and education.

"Students who have graduated from this program have gone on to work for small business associations, at numerous nonprofits and for local governments and state senates," said Matthew Costello, professor and chair of history and political science. "This program is designed largely for individuals who are looking to complete their degree and work with public policy."

Throughout their studies, individuals gain experience in three primary areas. They build an understanding of the context and influence of public administration and policy at local and state governments; they analyze policies and draft policy memos; and they learn communication skills needed to promote new public policies. In their coursework, students will learn strategic decision making and negotiation as well as have the chance for advance coursework in bargaining.

This practical, skill-based program offers a convenient online program that can be completed in five terms, and the classes encourage interaction and camaraderie among program members through online groups, discussion boards and video chatting. SXU promotes a strong sense of community, developing friendships and connections that will last long after graduation.

To learn more about the leadership and public administration program or to apply, contact the Admission Office at 844-468-6798 or admissionFREESXU.