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SXU offers new degree completion program in leadership and public administration


Are you passionate about working in public administration or a government agency? If that sounds like you, check out Saint Xavier University's new degree completion program!

Taught 100 percent online, earning a degree in Leadership and Public Administration allows students to gain critical skills for success in the political environment. Through learning how to properly negotiate, bargain and resolve conflicts, students will be well-prepared to make positive changes in our society in their current or next position.

Through refining their written, oral, research and analysis skills, students will earn their degree while learning how to think critically about issues in society and promoting their ideas in a way that is fair and effective.

Program Highlights:

  • The program is taught completely online, allowing students to learn while working around their busy schedules.
  • Students will utilize the method of learning by doing. Application is a large component of this program, which enables students to see direct correlation to their careers.
  • Students will gain valuable skills such as learning how to write memoranda and evaluate policy.
  • A career in politics allows students to become a part of a larger network for positive change and reform.

For more information on the Leadership and Public Administration degree completion program, contact the Office of Admission at 773-298-3050 or admissionFREESXU.