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SXU's Jaclyn Murawska presented keynote address in Kentucky


Jaclyn Murawska, assistant professor of Mathematics at Saint Xavier University, along with Keith Nabb from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, presented the keynote address at the Kentucky Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges 44th Annual Conference on February 23.

The talk was entitled, "The Calculus of Corvettes" and focused on finding authentic mathematical tasks that have a low entry point for engagement, yet challenge the problem solver in a multitude of ways. Dr. Murawska and Dr. Nabb shared their insights and stories using a non-routine calculus task with real-life data from a drag racing event. Participants explored how this task provides flexible learning opportunities through mathematical modeling and data analysis to deepen students' understanding of mathematics. Hallmarks of a good problem were also identified to enable participants to recognize similar worthwhile problems to bring to college mathematics classrooms.