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SXU Shannon Center Member Spotlight of the Month -- June 2018


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Shannon Center has been open to the community for over 17 years! As a way to show appreciation of the community's support, the Shannon Center will highlight one loyal member each month.

The Member Spotlight for the month of June is Tom Budz. The assortment of machines and accommodating staff make the Shannon Center Budz's top choice for getting healthy and building strength. After retiring from a 38-year career as a Chicago police officer, Budz was looking to join a health club after learning he had an atrial fibrillation condition. Friends and neighbors recommended the Shannon Center, and after a visit Budz signed up to work on a cardio-based exercise routine.

"Initially, convenience was my main consideration," said Budz. "Besides a nice variety of machines being available for use, I soon discovered that staff members were always friendly and helpful -- be it a simple question or a member pointing out that a machine was in need of repair or maintenance." After a total hip replacement in November 2017, coming to Shannon Center took on a whole new meaning for Budz.

"Now, I make use of my workout to also strengthen the new hip by use of several machines," said Budz. "After the initial surgery, my gym use was restricted, and I missed its use and meeting with all the other members and helpful staff with whom I've become acquainted with during my membership. I also feel that my hip surgery was less stressful due to my gym visits over the years at the Shannon Center."

A typical workout for Budz consists of 30 minutes on an upright bicycle, followed by various machines used to strengthen back and shoulder muscles.

To get started or continue working out, Budz recommends getting and early start: working out in the morning can be a positive boost to your day or simply help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. "I've found that a visit to the gym in the morning has been great way to start my day," says Budz. "Better health results from my regular doctor visits have been a prime motivation for my continued gym use. Whatever time you desire, a visit to the gym is a healthy choice."