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SXU Student Veterans Host Veterans Day Breakfast


The Student Veterans Alliance at Saint Xavier University (SXU) hosted a breakfast on November 9 in honor of Veterans Day. Open to the public, this event set time aside to honor the many brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. A moment of silence was observed at 11:11 a.m.

Among the festivities of good food and company, a very special tradition was observed. A separate table in the middle of the breakfast was placed to honor prisoners of war and missing comrades, a national tradition that has been established since the end of the Vietnam War. The manner in which the table is decorated is full of special symbols to help keep the memory of those lost. Visit Navy Live for more information on the tradition of the table and its symbolism.

SXU is proud to honor our many man and women in uniform and support the Student Veteran Alliance's ongoing works to give back the community. In the coming weeks, the Alliance will dedicate the new veterans memorial which is to be erected on campus along the shores of Lake Marion. All are invited to come and take part.

For more information about the Student Veterans Alliance, contact Dan McLaughlin at mclaughlin.d01FREEmymail.SXU