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SXU's Julia Wiester Publishes Chapter in ACS Symposium Series


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Chemistry Department Assistant Professor Julia Wiester, Ph.D., has published a chapter in the ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1305, addressing Raman Spectroscopy in the undergraduate degree. Spectroscopy is the branch of science concerned with the measurement and investigation of spectra produced when matter interacts with or emits electromagnetic radiation. Introduced to SXU students throughout the undergraduate curriculum, spectroscopy has been proven to be an invaluable tool.

An abstract from Wiester's publication goes on to explain, "Too often, little emphasis is placed on the specific interactions of the electromagnetic radiation with matter, which leads to a lack of differentiation and understanding of applicability among spectroscopic techniques."

It is from this concern that the basis for Wiester's publication is derived. In the text, a discussion in the scattering, absorption and emission processes is used to assist in the understanding of different spectroscopic techniques. The purpose in evaluating techniques such as infrared, fluorescence and Raman is to provide instructors with a range of different visual frameworks and exercises to utilize for the education of spectroscopy in the undergraduate classrooms and laboratories.

"The intended outcome is for students to understand the experimental spectroscopic techniques at a deeper level, giving rise to improved critical thinking skills in regards to scientific processes," said Wiester.

Julia Wiester received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from Pennsylvania State University and her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Northwestern University.

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