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SXU's Champ will attend Southpaw's birthday party on June 24


During his walk around Saint Xavier University's (SXU) Chicago campus this morning, Champ the cougar wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen. He planned to follow his usual route, making stops at Lake Marion and McDonough Chapel and waving to Public Safety officers driving by. Before heading back to the Shannon Center, Champ decided to stop at the mailroom to see if any SXU students sent him mail over the summer. When he arrived, Champ was handed one letter, much to his surprise. As he carefully opened the envelope, Champ noticed a tiny piece of green and yellow fur ... and an invitation to a very special birthday party!

On Sunday, June 24, everyone's favorite cougar will make his way to Guaranteed Rate Field, 333 W. 35th Street at 1:10 p.m. to attend the Chicago White Sox's friend Southpaw's birthday party!

Longtime friends, Champ and Southpaw have most recently gotten together to celebrate Nurse Appreciation Day at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Although he is a cougar of few words, Champ expressed his delight of being invited to the party. He can't wait to see Southpaw again and watch the Chicago White Sox take on the Oakland Athletics! Now, Champ is on the hunt for the perfect birthday present.

About Southpaw's Birthday Party

The White Sox invite you to celebrate your favorite lefty's birthday at the ballpark with specially priced tickets.

Please note that orders will not be redeemed at the Guaranteed Rate Field ticket windows or the White Sox administrative offices.