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SXU's class of 2018 pays it forward to future students


Saint Xavier University's (SXU) class of 2018 has chosen to pay it forward to future students by making donations to the class gift. The mission of the class gift campaign is to promote a philanthropic spirit among the graduating class by providing the students an opportunity to start their legacy of giving to the University.

This year, graduates raised a total of $3,200 for the class gift, which will be matched by lifelong SXU supporters Jim and Trish Morris for a total gift of $6,400. The Morris' have been matching the class gift for over 15 years and truly appreciate the philanthropic efforts students make each year -- upholding to SXU's core value of service even as they embark on their alumni journey.

Class gift donations started shortly before Grad Fest and continued to be accepted even on the day of graduation. Students who made a minimum donation of $15 were given a stole to wear at their graduation ceremony. The stoles are gray with the SXU emblem and "Senior Class Donor" written in red.

For more information on how you can make a gift contribution to SXU, please visit the website