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SXU Delegation Attends 2018 American Model United Nations Conference


Saint Xavier University (SXU) sent a delegation of ten students to participate in the 2018 American Model United Nations (AMUN) Conference. Founded in 1989, AMUN is a non-profit, educational organization working to provide students with the highest quality, most professionally run simulation of the United Nations, giving each delegation the opportunity to represent a different country and their interests. The SXU delegation included: Cristina Alvarez, Jennifer Cornejo, Alexandra Kobel, Theresa Luabeya, Jakobi Lundy-Bass, Dorcas Mefful, Rachael Norris, Esmeralda Ramos, Paige Samuels and Ursula Urban.

The 29th annual AMUN International Collegiate Conference was held from November 17 to 20 and saw an attendance of over 1400 students, faculty and young professionals from across the country and around the world. SXU, who has been sending delegations since the 1990s, joined the 2018 simulation by representing Poland. Ten students served on seven different committees, addressing issues including global climate change, the convention on biological weapons, empowering women in economic development, the Yemeni war, promoting democracy through education and the illicit trafficking of drugs and humans. The delegates spent over 27 hours divided over three and a half days debating, drafting and amending resolutions, building coalitions and trying to find consensual solutions to these and other global problems.

By the end of the conference, the collected delegations submitted a range of reports, memorandums and agreements aimed to fully show how nations work together to both serve their own interests and improving the global community through compromise and shared opportunities.

Saint Xavier University is expected to be representing Cuba next year at the 30th annual AMUN International Collegiate Conference. Any SXU students interested in learning more or joining the Model UN should contact Matthew J. Costello, Ph.D. at costelloFREESXU.