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SXU grads hope for success in teaching and parenthood


Saturday, May 5, 2018, Saint Xavier University (SXU) held their annual commencement ceremonies. Recent graduates from all disciplines are taking the time to reflect on their experiences at SXU.

Secondary English Education majors Alexis Jorge and Jose Robles have worked hard to complete their degrees and will truly miss the SXU community. While earning a degree is no simple task, Jorge and Robles had an additional factor to consider while pursuing their undergraduate degrees: their one-year-old son, Emiliano.

"Balance comes with having an amazing time management plan," said Jorge. "Honestly, babies love consistency and schedules. If that is accomplished from birth, it makes your life a lot easier."

The challenges of both college life and parenthood can be overwhelming at times, but Jorge and Robles have always kept their goals in mind. This fortitude has allowed each of them to apply themselves in ways they never thought possible. By being so determined, they were able to successfully complete their degree programs while raising their son.

Both agree that the SXU English Department is outstanding and credit much of their success in the program to the incredible faculty they met along the way. While they had their share of struggles like any other college students, Jorge and Robles always knew they could turn to the English Department for advice and guidance in any situation.

"When I say the entire department, I mean everyone; they have had such a profound effect on who I am today," said Jorge.

"I don't think God could have put a better man in my path than Dr. Angelo Bonadonna," said Robles. "He is the embodiment of kindness."

Thankful for encouragement from professors and faculty, Jorge and Robles cannot wait for their chance to leave their marks on students of their own someday.

Both Jorge and Robles hope to give back to the communities that raised them through teaching. Jorge's goal is to someday make it back to Hubbard High School in Chicago, while Robles would love the chance to return to Community High School District 218. For now, they both plan on applying for jobs as English teachers around the area.

"I feel that giving back to my roots is my major passion in life, and I would love to see that dream accomplished one day," said Jorge.

At the end of the day, everything that these accomplished individuals achieve is for the betterment of their son's life. Through drawing inspiration from their child, Jorge and Robles will undoubtedly be successful teachers in any school district or educational setting.

Congratulations, Alexis and Jose! SXU is excited to see where your post-graduation journey takes you!