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SXU Health Center Expands Partnership with Illinois-Cook Corporation


Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) Health Center has recently expanded its partnership with the Illinois-Cook Corporation, with whom they have been partnered at an on-site health clinic in Crestwood, Illinois since 2015.

The Illinois School Bus Company, a subsidiary of Cook-Illinois Corporation, is one of the largest family owned and operated school bus companies in the country offering over 2,100 vehicles in and around the Chicagoland area. They are also the first school bus company in the country to offer its employees free on-site medical care where employees receive health assessments from board-certified SXU Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP). During appointments at the on-site clinic, FNPs have been able to assess, diagnose and treat common health problems such as allergy symptoms, asthma, back pain and the flu. The Illinois School Bus Company sought out the SXU Health Center to assist them in providing their employees with a benefit that leaves them both happy and healthy.

"We want to do everything we can to ensure we have a healthy staff that is ready to take on the day," said John Benish Jr., co-owner of the Illinois School Bus Company, at the initial launch of their partnership with the SXU Health Center. "Any time we can offer a perk that can help them feel better about coming to work, we are happy to provide that."

Through this partnership, Illinois School Bus Company employees have been eligible to receive free health care services with deductibles and co-insurance costs being waived. The SXU Health Center has now expanded their partnership to four additional locations within the Illinois-Cook Corporation, extending their services to the American School Bus Company, Alpha School Bus Company and RichLee Vans at new locations in Frankfort, Orland Park, Crestwood and Chicago Ridge.

"One of the biggest challenges for people is access to prompt quality care," said Kathy Rohan, director of the SXU Center for Nursing Innovation. "On-site clinics not only provide that access, they also support wellness and chronic disease management. When we can target interventions for specific populations, it improves productivity. Employees feel better and are available to work, which is a valuable benefit and creates a win-win situation."

The SXU Health Center is a Nurse Practitioner led primary care clinic that offers convenient health care services to both the SXU and surrounding local communities. For more information about the SXU Health Center or patient privacy policies, visit the SXU website. To schedule an appointment with the Health Center, please call 773-298-3712. The SXU Health Center is open to all the public.